The Company
E’KABEL is a supplier of cables, copper/aluminum electrical conductors, and of fiber optics products & accessories. Our Mission & Vision are our main foundation.
Our Catalog contains information on cables for: Building wire & Cable, Flexible and Portable; Instrumentation and thermocouples; Control, and Low, Medium, and High Voltage; Mining and High Temperature; Offshore, and Marine Cable; Electronics, and Variable Frequency Drives; and Aluminum Conductors.
Technical Resources
All the technical information you are looking for can be found in this section: Basic cable construction, insulation materials and covers, color code, glossary, and cable coding.
E'kafield brings solutions to improve the performance of the reservoirs by integrating the communication and the analytics of downhole data increasing the value of the production of each one of our customers.
Through our superior technical support and business expertise, we customize our products using special color codes, labeling, special designs, cut to a specified size upon request, packaging and labeling,; we also prepare kits, prepare connections, manage your inventory; our delivery is flexible, and we even provide financing to for your projects.
Contact Us
Contact us through our main offices in Venezuela, the U.S., Mexico, Australia and Peru either by phone or email or just by filling out the form provided in this section.
Keep track of your quotes and orders in real time, and much more.